Travel Theme: Short

Grand Place, Brussels

Where’s My Backpack’s weekly travel theme this week is “Short”. Do I talk about short things? Do I talk about short visits? How about short as it applies to a short time period, such as, not a lot of time to connect terminals or catch a flight or train? Let’s pick short visits, shall we?

Some might say a short visit to somewhere is less than a week. In that case, most of my traveling is short visits. When on a bus tour, everywhere is a short visit since you’re stopping at several places through the day and usually only one or two nights at most overnight in any given spot.

No, let’s put bus tours aside as well as day tours while staying somewhere which are, by definition, short visits. Many of our jaunts out of Manchester or Halifax are three or four nights so consider that, for me, a short visit must be one or two nights or two full days somewhere. That narrows the field down considerably.

Brussels was definitely a short visit. We arrived there one afternoon from Amsterdam. We walked to Grand Place, had dinner and saw it again lit up at night. The next day we took the train to Bruges so didn’t see much of Brussels. The day after, we visited the Musical Instruments museum and  took part of a city bus tour in the morning but couldn’t finish it because we had the Eurostar to catch to London. Done and dusted.

We’ve visited London several times for just one or two nights, as have I on my own. But since I’ve been there so many times, I’m not entirely sure it counts! Sometimes, G.’s flights to Canada are through Toronto either arriving from or departing to the U.K. Once, I flew up to meet him there and we stayed over for two days, flying home here to Halifax on the third morning. We met up with friends and he got to see a bit of the city on a bus tour and took a trip up the CN Tower. I’ve also flown to Toronto on my own for a travel photography seminar, arriving on Friday night and coming back on Monday morning.

About 10 years ago, I spent a raucous weekend in Dublin with a group of friends whom I met online via the Coronation Street fandom. Each night we hung out, ate and drank into the night and in the daytime, spread ourselves across the city in groups of 2 and 3 to explore with stories to share when we met up later.

There have been many overnight or long weekend road trips, sometimes to visit friends or family, sometimes just seeing new things *with* friends or family. It’s all good. Short visits are sometimes just the right thing, sometimes they’re just not long enough but it’s better than not going at all!