WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand

This week, WordPress wants to know what we think of when we hear the word Grand. Grand scale, a Grand Day Out, Grand = Great, or just that really grand photo, one where all the elements just work together perfectly.  I’ve got a lot of those, pictures that really came out well, a combination of composition and light, some unintended!

Anyway, here are some of my “grand” photos:

Wouldn’t it be grand if dinosaurs still roamed parts of the earth? from the Manchester Museum, Manchester, UK

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Chelsea Royal Hospital chapel, London

Two Grand Scale museums, one on an aircraft carrier and one with 17km of galleries

Flightdeck of the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum on the USS Intrepid, New York City


Vatican Museums, Map Gallery. Rome

And finally, one of my favourites “grand” shots.

Blue Rocks, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia