Travel Theme: Symbol

I’m a bit late getting this in for this week’s challenge from Where’s My Backpack, just under the wire in fact. The challenge is “symbol”. Anything can be a symbol, people or things or icons or buildings. When you see a family building, for instance, you instantly know the location associated with it. Most of what I’ve got for you today are iconic symbols of major cities though the last photo is a symbol of time.

London, UK. Though the tower isn’t actually called Big Ben, which is the bell inside the tower, everyone things of it as that name. The tower is now named Elizabeth Tower. You know nobody’s going to call it that!

Her name reflects what she symbolizes. Liberty. You know you’re in New York City.

Even if you only see a small part of it you know it’s the Eiffel Tower representing Paris.

The CN Tower is synonymous with Toronto though only a relatively new addition to the city compared to the other structures above. It was opened in 1976.


If it's a gondola, it must be Venice

If it’s a gondola, it must be Venice

We see a clock or other time piece, we know it is a measure of time passing. This clock is in the old city of York, in England.