Travel Theme: Winter

I don’t do a lot of traveling in winter. It’s too easy to get delayed or cancelled flights due to the Canadian winters. The few times I have ventured out in mid-winter were not to destinations away from the cold but to England where it wasn’t always a lot warmer. Still, over there, the grass is still green in January even if covered in a dusting of snow now and then.

Feeding the pigeons in January in London’s Green Park.

Manchester Christmas markets.

Manchester Christmas Markets which I wrote about here are a sure sign of winter. European style Christmas markets are increasingly popular all over. I’d love to go to the ones in places like Vienna, Prague or Munich.

Slightly wintery looking Coronation Street set, ITV studios (now moving to a new location in Media City, Salford

There’s more winter over at Ailsa’s challenge post here.

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Winter

    • Tvor says:

      It’s for moments like this that I try to keep my camera in my hand as much as possible even when just walking through a park or down the street. These are the photos that add more to the travel memories than just buildings or famous sites which I take in abundance, of course. Hmmm might be a good blog post in that!

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