Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

The first WordPress Weekly photo challenge of the year is appropriately “Beginning”. There are a lot of ways you can interpret that. Beginning of the day, beginning a fresh start, beginning a brand new book or opening a new calendar are all things that come to mind. But as this is a travel-related blog, I guess what I need to talk about is beginning the plan for a trip

Expedia screen shot

Expedia screen shot

We start, of course, with a discussion on where we’d like to go. The internet is our best friend as we surf for flights and hotels, things to do and see, maybe places to eat or shop. We make a priority list, because there are always “must do” things and “if we have time” things.

Bookstore Bounty

Bookstore Bounty

Guidebooks are good tools as well as websites because we often find things we didn’t know about to add to the list. How much is it all going to cost and how much can we save and then pre-pay items?

And then there’s packing, making lists of what to pack, taking things out that we don’t really¬† need to make it a bit lighter and tagging the bags, too, of course.

The ultimate beginning is getting to the airport and we’re on our way!

Flight Connection Centre, Heathrow Airport, where you change terminals and flights.

Flight Connection Centre, Heathrow Airport, where you change terminals and flights.

This year’s first trip is in April. I fly to Manchester then we will both fly to Paris, stay there for 4 or 5 nights doing day trips up into Normandy by train and then taking the Eurostar back to London where we’ll spend the Easter weekend. I’ll head back to Canada from there. I love to plan trips so for me, the fun begins!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. randee says:

    I also love planning trips. Going on a week-long plus road trip over Spring Break. I’ve already put more than three full days (8-10 hours) into the planning!

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