Travel Theme: Illuminated

Travel theme from Where’s My Backpack this week is Illuminated.

Now I could post photos from some of the many buildings and monuments that  are lit up at night. But everyone else will probably do that. Instead, an alternative, the illuminated manuscript. This is a late 15th century Canterbury Tales which we saw in the John Ryland Library in Manchester, UK. While it isn’t as exquisite as, say, the Book of Kells in Dublin (which I’ve also seen) or other similar illuminated gospels, it is one of the only ones I have seen that I could photograph (no flash, of course!).

Canterbury Tales above a non-illuminated copy, both from the late 15th century

24 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Illuminated

  1. ItinerantApothecary says:

    When I first went to Ireland in the 80’s, I saw the Book of Kells in a simple display case in the middle of the long hall at Trinity College library. As it was the off season, I did not have to wait in line. Now it is in a separate section in a hermetically sealed case. Although it is probably better for the book, somehow it loses the romance.

    • Tvor says:

      I saw it in 2002 and that was when it was in it’s own little exhibition and hermetically sealed case. The whole “experience” with story boards and info is kind of good i guess but it does take away from it as well.

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