A Word a Week Challenge – Frame

Framing a photograph is fairly important. It’s something that can give depth and perspective to a subject and makes it more interesting. No, you don’t frame every photo you take, but it’s something to keep your eye on. Traditional landscape framing tends to be capturing leaves and branches of trees to fill in over the top or sides of a photo, leading your eye into the rest of the picture.

National Assembly, Paris

Loch Caron, West Highlands, Scotland

Zebra enclosure, London Zoo

Other ideas include shooting through a window or door or other architectural feature, gap, or structure.

Rieveaulx Abbey, Yorkshire

Through an arch in Rome.

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

But you can be creative too. Here the lights are framing the performer.  And in the next photo, the staircase does the job nicely.

Zak Wylde, Black Label Society

Fortnum and Mason, London

Sue’s Word a Week challenge is here for more great entries.

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