Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

WordPress puts up a photo challenge each week and this week’s is Perspective. Taking photos, for me, is about memories when I travel. It’s my perspective on what I see and do. I like to have photos of the grand scheme of things, a street, a building, a view. But I also then like to move in closer and pick up some details…a plant or flower, a window, a carving, a shop window or something in it. When walking through the streets of a city, I’m looking in all directions, including up where you will pick out details on buildings, signs, all kinds of things like this, spotted in Manchester, UK.

You know people live in these tall, seemingly anonymous towers but if you look closely, there’s evidence that they’re actually homes to real people.

One tall building looks very much like another. Does it contain offices? Hotel rooms? Flats/apartments/condos?

Look closer, and thanks to a good zoom lens…

Yep, someone lives here. Real people. Real homes.


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