DP Weekly Challenge – Letters

I’m just finally catching up post-holiday and getting back to seeing what’s going on here at Word Press. Got a whole new batch of photos that I can use in the weekly photo challenges so here’s the first one.

This week’s challenge in the Daily Post is Letters. This photo was taken in Beauchamp Tower, in the Tower of London and is a preserved bit of graffiti from the interior wall in a room where people may have been held prisoner over the centuries. You can see the dates beneath one of the names, carved twice “Walter Paslew” with 1570 under the one on the right and 1561 under the one on the left.

Beauchamp Tower dates to the 13th century and was later used as one of the main gates to the Tower.

Medival graffiti, Toewr of London


I love to travel, take photos, read. I love Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Dexter, True Blood. I enjoy museums, galleries, shopping, sightseeing and food when I travel. I have a husband and a great family. I live by the Atlantic ocean in a small city which I love.

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7 comments on “DP Weekly Challenge – Letters
  1. Rusha Sams says:

    Although I’ve been to the Tower of London, I missed this. So, thanks, for sharing! Good choice for the challenge.

  2. I too never noticed this when I went to the tower. Good capture!

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