WordPress Weekly Challenge – A Work of Art

WordPress’s weekly challenge is A Work of Art. Art is very subjective. Everyone likes something different. What is art for one person isn’t for another. Sometimes interpretation of what art is can be mystifying but the same piece for someone else makes perfect sense.

I do like to visit galleries, museums and exhibits and I don’t always agree that it’s “art” but I don’t begrudge someone else loving what I think is rubbish. Here’s both sides of the coin for me.

From a classic, in the Sistine Chapel, artist Michaelangelo Buonarotti. Photo shot from the hip. Yes, I know. Photography in the chapel is not permitted but it’s so hard to resist. No flash, existing light, a bit of help from photoshop.

The Sistine Chapel

To “What????” This and another identical post were in an installation in the Guggenheim gallery in New York. Modern art mystifies me. I don’t get it.