Travel Theme: Unexpected

Ailsa’s weekly theme is “unexpected” and I had to think about what I could write and post about. Unexpected…. Should I find a photo of an architectural detail that was unexpected? I looked through my Flickr photos of that sort of thing and came across a particular photo that brought back a travel memory.

A friend and I had driven to Glasgow for a couple of days and we visited the cathedral. It’s one of my favourites. UP the hill behind it is a Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery with lots of elaborate mausoleums (mausolea?) and monuments. We tramped around there in the fog and came across this one small one that had a barred gate over the front opening to prevent anyone from going in.

I looked in and couldn’t see anything in the dark interior but I decided to put on the flash and aim the camera inside anyway.  I call that a “Hail Mary” shot. This was the days before digital cameras so you didn’t know if the photo turned out until it was developed. I got lucky. This is what came out when the film was developed.

Madonna in the Glasgow Necropolis

Madonna in the Glasgow Necropolis

This wasn’t the mausoleum that the Madonna was in but it’s one of the more elaborate ones in the Necropolis.

A Mausoleum in the Glasgow Necropolis

A Mausoleum in the Glasgow Necropolis

2 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Unexpected

    • Tvor says:

      Thanks! I’ve done those kinds of shots whooting from the hip as well, now and then when trying to take photos where i’m not supposed to (like the Sistine Chapel) or photos of people when i don’t want to be obvious. Sometimes something reawlly good comes out!

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