Happy – The word of the week

Place Jacques Cartier, Montreal

Sue’s weekly word challenge this week is Happy.

I’m happy. I hesitate to say it out loud sometimes because I fear I could jinx things. There’s also that old adage “Be careful what you wish for” that might come into play as well. But I am.

I like my job and it provides me the means to do some traveling and gives me financial stability and a pension.

I have a great family, both immediate and extended. We all get along and we all like each other as well as love each other. That’s not always that common. There’s never been any family feuds. That’s amazing! I’m really looking forward to my niece’s wedding in August.

I have great friends far and near. As one faraway friend said to me yesterday when we both confessed that we were not great in keeping in touch more often that we know our friendship doesn’t need daily feeding to be solid. So true.

I have a talented fiance who writes me a song every Christmas and draws awesome caricatures for my birthdays. We’re starting to put wedding plans together, too.

I really like where I get to live, near the ocean in a nice city that’s not too big and not too small.

This year’s Travel Happy includes a quick visit to Montreal to see my all time favourite band Queen and a road trip to New England in September.

12 thoughts on “Happy – The word of the week

  1. Jaspa says:

    Montreal is a great mixture of North American and European elements. I particularly wish I’d been there this past weekend for the Formula 1 race, something I’ve enjoyed several times in the past.

    • Tvor says:

      I’d love to be there for the race. Maybe someday! I do like Montreal even though I’ve only had two short visits and this one will be pretty much just in and out as well.

  2. CanadianTravelBugs says:

    may your happiness continue…. :) A few years ago I was getting stressed and not feeling so happy. I did some research and the common thread from my reading was you need to make your own happiness. WHAT??? HOW??? Well it started with a conscious effort and frame of mind. Start to look at the glass half full. It worked, although at first it was hard. Sure things still happen, but you know it is short lived. When bad things happen look at something good that happened that day. Just recently I was having a bad day. A little girl from another class (that I know just in passing) saw me and gave me a little card she made. The gesture was just what I needed to shake off the bad.
    Another thing… I always smile at strangers if we connect glances… you never know. They may be having a bad day too.
    Thanks for letting me rant ;) I think you just gave me an idea for a post :)

      • CanadianTravelBugs says:

        Exactly! In my job it is non stop… but then add all the paper work and last minute stuff they throw at you -it just tires you out. It was either quit a job I love or find a way to manage.

        • Heyjude says:

          Are you in teaching? I was for a short while (career change) and it was the worst job I have ever had for stress. Whatever you do, I wish you luck with coping strategies :)

          • CanadianTravelBugs says:

            Yes I am a teacher. I do love my job and I do it for the kids. The place I work is pretty crazy with sometimes unreasonable expectations… how they think we can get it all done without staying late and doing weekends is beyond me. I cope… and the kids make it worth my efforts.

            • Heyjude says:

              It’s a tough job. Whenever people go on about how many holidays teachers have, they don’t realise the 80 hour week they put in. They need the holidays to recover!

              • CanadianTravelBugs says:

                Exactly! The first 3-4 days of vacation I usually sleep 10-12 hours a day or nap a few hours (sometimes both!). It is emotionally and physically exhausting. It is a tough job, but rewarding at times too. Just this weekend I went to see my first class graduate into junior high. It was pretty cool. However the organisation I work for puts a lot on our plate… too much compared to other schools. Wish I had known this before I came… then I stayed here longer because it was all about timing and finding a new job. Talk about busy… I went into work on Saturday to get ahead a bit since there isn’t enough school hours to do things. I thought I would be there 3-4 hours tops and turned into 8. Still have more to do, but was getting late and my brain just couldn’t function and concentrate any longer.

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