WordPress Challenge – Extra, Extra

There was another challenge recently that was themed “unexpected” which is similar to this week’s theme but this week, WordPress is asking for a photo that has an unexpected “extra” addition to it, an unexpected detail.

Profundo Rosso is a shop in Rome owned by horror film director Dario Argento. You can buy all kinds of things there, science fiction and horror and other film related but in a wall of horrible, scary masks, one bright yellow one stood out! There are a couple others that seem out of place as well but Homer takes the cake!

“Horror” masks in Profundo Rosso, Rome. Homer Simpson???

Walking towards a lovely beach in Cornwall, we spied this abandoned shoe

Lost shoe on Mawgan Porth Beach, Cornwall, UK

At the top of the Great Orme, a high peak overlooking the North Wales town of Llandudno, views over the sea and the countryside were amazing. But look closer at the side of the hill. We noticed people had formed words and names and pictures from the rocks!

Messages on a hill

And finally…When about to order coffee in a “Just Us” (Fair Trade) coffee shop and museum, this little guy balanced on one of the cups. I expect the coffee had a bit of a kick!

I bet the coffee has a kick!

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