WordPress Challenge – Relic

Relic means old, maybe abandoned, a ruin, “not fit for purpose” or something from a former civilization or historical era. There are a lot of interpretations. WordPress’s challenge this week is about Relics. Here are mine


Piece of petrified wood from a Roman pier in London.

Remains from a Roman temple in Bath

Egyptial Sarcophagus. British Museum

Boarded up put. Salford, UK

Chapel in the Cappuchin crypt, Rome, decorated wth the bones of monks

When you travel, remember …

My blog has a quote on the main page that likens the world to a book and relating that to those who travel and those who do not. This photo and quote came through my blog reader and I love it! It might be a great alternative quote if I decide I want to change mine some day!

flying goannas

When you Travel

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