Photo challenge: Your favourite hometown thing

I participate in weekly photo challenges most weeks. Usually the challenge is given as a word or a theme of some sort. I was going to throw my hat in the ring and issue a travel challenge but I realize that there are a lot of people out there that are armchair travellers and haven’t had the opportunity to see beyond the borders of where they live.

I really love where I live, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s a small-medium city on the east coast of Canada and is a seaport. We have a military history here and we have a large student population as well. There’s lots of history but the sea is always there. Probably my favourite thing about Halifax is the visits by the Tall Ships every few years. I can’t get enough of them! When you see the waterfront lined with masts and rigging, you can almost forget which century you’re living in. Along with the ships, there’s usually a festival along the waterfront so there’s lots going on.

Here are some photos from our many Tall Ship visits.

I’d like to see your favourite thing/event/location where you live or where you’re from! Leave a comment or a pingback link so we can all travel the world through your photos!

This isn’t going to be a weekly challenge, but I might do this again if I come up with another idea.

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