Visit Canada’s Ocean Playground

I live in a small province on the east coast of Canada called Nova Scotia, and it’s a lovely place to live. Clean air, lots of nature, friendly folk, miles and miles of beaches and coastline, fresh seafood, a city with lots to do and a province filled with culture, good food, wine and good times.  The motto of the province of Nova Scotia is “Canada’s Ocean Playground” and it certainly is that.

I read a blog post today from someone that came to Nova Scotia and bicycled around our lovely corner of Canada on her own recently. She made 45 observations about the province based on her experience. I thought it was a great take on how visitors see us.

45 Random Observations About Nova Scotia

I love that she noticed that there’s a lot of colour here. People paint their shops, houses and signs with bright colours in many places, both in the city and in the rural areas, especially the rural areas, I find.  Hmmm butter tarts, a local favourite! With or without pecans and/or raisins, they’re sort of like butterscotch pie in a little shell. Lots and lots of lighthouses. Peggy’s Cove might be the “jewel in the crown” so to speak, but you’ll see plenty of them if you take the coastal routes.

Here’s a few of my own photos from around the province


Where else would you find a field of scarecrows on the side of the road? Cape Breton Island near Cheticamp

Blomidon lookoff 038

A look at those famous low tides, from Cape Blomidon in the Annapolis Valley


A craft shop near Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia


I’ll challenge the blogger’s claim for seafood choweder. This from the Windjammer Restaurant near Chester.

LahaveZwickersWoodWork 025

This is one of the places that makes those brightly coloured Adirondack chairs. Zwicker’s in Lahave

Lupins 057

Lupins do indeed grow wild here, I love the purples and pinks of them. Late June and early July are the best time for them


Cape Breton doesn’t have a monopoly on scarecrows. There’s a scarecrow festival in Mahone Bay on the south shore of the province in the autumn.


15 thoughts on “Visit Canada’s Ocean Playground

  1. CanadianTravelBugs says:

    I remember going to NS every summer as a child (my parents are both from the Island) and many of those things brought back memories. I haven’t been there since I was 15 or 16 and almost afraid to go back since the memories of wide open spaces and the colours may be gone or faded. It certainly wouldn’t be the same with my grandparents and many aunties and uncles no longer there too. It was a great place to spend 2 weeks every summer though.

    • Tvor says:

      As you can see from my photos and from that blog through the link, things don’t really change all that much. It will be different from a child’s eye view of course, but equally nice, just from a different point of view.

        • Tvor says:

          More changes in the city and larger towns i suppose and somethings not so good like small towns and areas losing their bank branches, things like that, budget cutbacks, higher prices, it’s harder for farmers and fishermen to make a good living. I suppose that’s everywhere. The people, the scenery, the activities, all make it worth visiting but yes, things do change.

          • CanadianTravelBugs says:

            The wide open spaces and ocean views are now shops and board walks… not sure how I feel about that. Oh maybe one day we will head back. I have always wanted to see the tides in the Bay of Fundy.

  2. Paul S says:

    My grandfather spent time in Nova Scotia during the war and I often used to look at his sepia photographs when I was a child.
    I’d like to visit one day, it looks beautiful.

  3. Jaspa says:

    I love Nova Scotia, although last time I was there I spent most of the time in bookstores doing signings with Rich and not enough time exploring!

  4. Heyjude says:

    The Atlantic Provinces are on my non-list for my next visit to Canada. You have certainly sold Nova Scotia to me //Clean air, lots of nature, friendly folk, miles and miles of beaches and coastline, fresh seafood, a city with lots to do and a province filled with culture, good food, wine and good times. //
    Sounds idyllic! And I also love chowder :)

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