A Word a Week – Fly

To fly. To soar. To be weightless. To leave the earth from under your feet and zoom through the air. As the crow flies. Fly me to the Moon. Fly and be free! From a landlubber caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly floating on the breeze. I think If i could have any superpower (other than teleporting, that is), I’d like to fly. Someday, I want to go up in a hot air balloon and that’s as close as I’ll ever get to flying.  I won’t be jumping out of a plane any time soon and I won’t be paragliding as in that first photo below.  In the meantime, I depend on airplanes for my travel needs.

Near St. Ives, Cornwall

The SR71 Blackbird could fly under the radar. Or should I say, streak. Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York.

Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

Trying to fly. London Zoo

Sullivan’s Pond, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia