Travel Theme: Broken

While in the UK this past spring, we visited two museums in the Lake District, one in the town of Coniston and one, the Lakeland Motor Museum. In both, I learned about a man named Donald Campbell who, along with his father, raced cars and later boats to try to break land and water speed records. Their racing vehicles were a bright blue and all named Bluebird. Donald Campbell created versions of the speed boat version of Bluebird, more and more aerodynamic and often raced them on Lake Coniston (or, locally known as Coniston Water) in the Lake District. Campbell broke 8 land and water speed records and is the only man to hold both a land and water record in the same year.

But it always has to be bigger and faster. Campbell’s last boat was a jet engine powered hydrofoil, the Bluebird K7.  His luck ran out in 1967 during speed trials on Coniston.

From this…

One of Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 boats

To this…

Wreckage of the Bluebird K7

He didn’t survive. He died in January 1967. His body wasn’t recovered until 2001 and the wreckage was raised out of the lake as well.

Ailsa’s Travel theme challenge (Broken)