Travel Theme – Autumn

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Autumn which is nearly over. Ok, it’s not officially over until Dec. 21 I think or the 20th but once the colourful leaves on the trees turn brown and they fall off the branches, it feels like autumn is done, at least here in Canada. Having said that, I visited Paris in mid November in 2007 and there was still colour on the trees. Rome in November has no colourful signs of autumn at all though I do recall scarlet vines on buildings further north in Italy in places such as San Gimignano. Autumn in much of the UK where I’ve been at that time of year seems to fade from green to yellow to brown.

Here then, from my travels, mainly from that trip to Paris are some examples of autumn.

Abbesses Metro, Paris

Abbesses Metro, Paris

Etat General, Paris

The Louvre, Paris

San Gimignano, Italy