My souvenirs are taking over

magnets 003Like most people, I like to pick up souvenirs to remember my travels. I used to buy prints but I now have a stack of them, still unframed, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get around to that. Plus, I don’t have enough wall to put them all up anyway. They’re all various sizes so they won’t fit neatly into a photo album or scrap book though that might be an option for some of them. Anyway, I’ve stopped buying prints.

I often will buy a tea towel. Some years ago,  I was traveling with a group of friends and one of them mentioned that she collected tea towels and could remember her journeys every time she used one. Good idea! I think I’ll do that, too and I’ve amassed a nice collection of them. I usually leave two hanging in the kitchen and I sometimes will pin one up on the kitchen wall as artwork, changing them when I get a new one or just feel like something different.

I’ve bought little houses or buildings, ornament sized as I do collect those if i find a really nice one that reflects the architectural style of the area. One of the main things I’ve collected is, as you can see by the photo, fridge magnets. They’re not expensive, are easy to pack and transport and you can see them and remember all the places you’ve been every time you open the fridge door.  You can see I’ve got quite a few. I’ve had some lovely folks bring me one from their travels but most of these are my own. I’m beginning to have a bad case of magnet creep, mind you. They’re already starting to filter off the top fridge door onto the bottom one and around the side.  There are a small number that aren’t travel related but most of them are. I won’t list all the locations, but my newest one was donated by a coworker who recently visited Australia! You can see that one, a yellowy diamond shaped one, near the top right.

I did see a good idea somewhere on the net, a suggestion for building a shadow box with a back panel of tin, covered in pretty paper or fabric, with the magnets stuck on them and then the whole thing hung on the wall. That might be a very good thing to look into. It would declutter my fridge nicely and still display my magnets. I might have to make several of them, though. Still…

It would clear the way for the next lot!