Travel Theme: Belonging

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Belonging. Lots of ways to belong. You can belong to a group of people, or a family or each other. You can have posessions that belong to you. Things can belong together (One of these things is not like the others!)  and some things go together like cookies and milk or ice cream and summer!

How does it relate to travel? You can feel an affinity for a place, like you belong there or maybe you lived there in a former life.  It may be that you associate something iconic with a location such as the Eiffel Tower belonging in Paris and nowhere else.

Here’s a few interpretations :

Christmas Markets in Manchester. Santa and Christmas belong together.

A strong sense of Community brings my city out to celebrate Pride every summer. Everyone belongs, everyone contributes and everyone is welcome here.

I belong to an intrepid group of Coronation Street bloggers, and our team went to the studio set in Manchester in early 2013. I made a specific trip for the outing (but of course, it was a bonus visit with my fiance who lives there, too!)

See more contributions over at Where’s My Backpack.

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