Travel Theme: Colourful

The week’s challenge on Where’s My Backpack is Colourful. I’m attracted to bright colours. Even though I tend to wear darker colours because they travel better, I prefer red and jewel colours of emerald, sapphire and amythest and teal. If i’m walking and taking photos, my attention will be taken if I spot colour.

After my first visit to New York City, the thing that jumped out the most was the riot of colour in that city, from the yellow taxis, to the bright neon, to the signs on stores and buildings. There were news stands on corners with colourful magazines. And the people were all dressed in bright colours (it was summer that time).

My favourite city (so far) is London and while it might not be a neon and billboarded colour assault on the senses, you still find lots of colour there, too.

Here’s a few photos, mainly from London but one that was spotted on the road as we were driving back through Maine this past September. I think it was a little shop of some kind.

Multi coloured shop, Maine.

Neil’s Yard, London, a hidden courtyard in Covent Garden.

Beefeaters at the Tower of London

And one last bright little guy, from the Manchester Museum of Natural History. Manchester University