What to do, where to go

View down the harbour

View down the harbour

For the first year in a very long time, I have no specific travel plans. In May, I’m getting married and for the two weeks my fiance/husband will be here in Canada, we will be busy with wedding/post wedding stuff so it’s not likely we’ll be going anywhere or doing any day trips. I’ll visit him in the UK in September and we have some wedding stuff to do, because we’re going to have a small reception there for our friends and family on that side of the Atlantic who weren’t able to travel here for the wedding. We will probably be able to do some day trips though, maybe a few days’ road trip, even. So I guess we can get our heads together and start thinking about where we could go for a 3 or 4 day road trip. I don’t think we’ll have the funds for a flight/hotel type trip to The Continent but who knows?

There are still plenty of destinations in England that I haven’t been to and would love to see. There are some interesting spots in the North of England including Hadrian’s Wall with a Roman museum, and there’s a few castles and abbeys as well. Or we could head to the Midlands, the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, all around that part of the country.  Any suggestions would be lovely.

I’m also planning to take a couple of days off in July which will make a 5 day weekend in early July. I’ve been thinking of some sort of road trip, maybe with my Mom. The next question is where? I did look at the map and wondered if she’d be interested in a trip to Campobello Island, just off the coast of New Brunswick. We might even be able to do a bit of cross-border shopping while we’re there and visit some relatives in Saint John, NB either on the way out or on the way back. Or both.  We could go to Prince Edward Island, instead. We have relatives there and there’s some nice places to visit on the Island. Cape Breton is another good choice.

It’s lovely to be planning something even if I don’t really know anything definite. I’m just wool-gathering on a very frosty day and thinking of ideas. No doubt you’ll hear more if and when I do decide on something!