WPC: Shadowed

WordPress challenge this week is “Shadowed”. Shadows aren’t always easy to photograph. The bright parts sometimes fool the camera so much that you can’t see anything in the shadows and if you bring out the shadows, then the bright parts are “blown out”. With the wonders of Photoshop and other software you can fix some of that but it’s more challenging to try to get the shot right, out of the camera.  Other shadow shots come from patterns the sun makes on other surfaces through trees, people, windows etc. Here’s some of my favourite shadow shots:

Crowninshield Bently house, Salem, MA

Two from Port Royale, Annapolis in Nova Scotia, a recreation of the original settlement by Samuel de Champlain, 1605


Shadows of the past

And probably my favourite shadow photo, taken against a wall in Bruges, Belgium

In Bruges