Traveling through the movies – Southwest France

I recently watched a movie that was filmed in the beautiful area around Toulouse, France which is in the southwest area. It’s called The Hundred-Foot Journey. There were a few small villages that were used as locations but in general, that whole area probably looks very similar once you are outside of the city itself. Little villages, stone buildings, cobbled squares and narrow lanes set near a river in a little valley beneath rolling hills. Lovely!

The movie is about an Indian family from Mumbai who have lost their restaurant and the mother of the family in a fire. They live in London for a short while then decide to move on to the continent. Their van breaks down outside of a small village, Saint Antonin, with a suitable building for sale that Papa (played by Om Puri) decides could be renovated into a restaurant, a curry house. Unfortunately, it’s also across the road, one hundred feet,  from a grand restaurant that has a Michelin star, run by a snooty woman whose greatest desire is to achieve a second star. Neither is about to give in and it’s war!

Meanwhile, one of the sons, Hassan, is a gifted chef and he falls for one of the sous chefs, Marguerite, that works for Madame Mallory (played by the wonderful Helen Mirren). That makes things difficult! He ends up working for Madame who discovers that he is a natural talent and nurtures the talent. Eventually, Hassan moves to Paris and becomes acclaimed. It’s based on a true story though I haven’t read the book but I really enjoyed the movie, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, not just for the scenery that makes me want to visit that part of France. The story and the main characters are wonderful, though the rest of the Indian family really doesn’t get much of a look in at all.

Here’s a few screen captures:
100Yard 07m55s square

100Yard 15m55s village

100Yard 15m58s58

100Yard 23m18s carAlley

100Yard 42m45s maison mumbai

100Yard 49m19s winter

100Yard 55m06s valley

100Yard Paris

Paris in the winter

100Yard Paris sculpture

A view through the courtyard at the Pompidou Centre

100Yard Paris sunset

Paris at sunset

According to IMDB, some of the locations used were Castelnau-de-Lévis, Tarn, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, Tarn-et-Garonne, Saint-Jory, Haute-Garonne, France

There’s a trailer here. And Here’s the official movie website.

8 thoughts on “Traveling through the movies – Southwest France

  1. Rupali says:

    I watched the movie on a long bound flight and was happy to see this. Enjoyed it. The funny part was when the father (played by an actor called Om Puri) of the family mur mur in his mother tongue. To keep it secret from others and sharing with its kids. A nice movie.

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