A Word a Week Challenge – Play

From a visit to Montreal a few years back.

Play nice, boys!

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8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – Play

    • Tvor says:

      The thing is, i followed it closely when i was young then got away from it. The Canadiens were always “my” team back t hen so I have a soft spot for them even though i haven’t followed the game for years. But when I visited Montreal a few years ago and discovered they were playing, I had to go for old times’ sake! Kind of a bucket list thing I suppose. I’m still pleased if they do well but i have no idea who any of the players are these days. I can still sit and enjoy a game but rarely do.

      • sustainabilitea says:

        When I grew up in Omaha, back in the days of six (or 8?) teams, we were Montreal’s farm team, so all our guys would be NHL players now. The hockey was great and it was a small (about 5,000 seat) arena. We got to know one of the players which, for kids, was about the coolest thing ever. Now I like the Blackhawks, since we live in the Chicago metropolitan area, but my first love is Montreal.

        • Tvor says:

          Watching games in person is much better and yes, the minor leagues are better than people realize. We have a junior league team here in Halifax though again, I’ve never gone to a game but they’re quite popular.

  1. AngelaFurtado1 says:

    I love hockey! Even the crazy fights. Learned to like it while living in Minnesota. Now, living in LA, it’s impossible not to love the LA Kings, 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions… Let’s see what this year holds for the royals. :)

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