WordPress Weekly: Symmetry

This week’s WordPress challenge is “symmetry”. This is one of my favourite photos, taken at the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London. The Royal Chelsea Hospital was founded by King Charles II to house war veterans. It is still a retirement home for veterans to this day. The vets must have no other family and they sleep in a very small chamber, just big enough for a single bed, small bedside table and clothes dresser. They are in fact a bit larger than when the hospital was built (late 17th century). There is this beautiful chapel on the grounds and there’s a large dining hall that’s equally lovely. The men and women, the Chelsea Royal Pensioners,  dress in navy blue uniforms if they are on the grounds but wear brilliant scarlet for “dress” which is what you usually see them wearing in photos.  This is still a working chapel and there is a regular congregation that worship here.  This was the late Margaret Thatcher’s normal Sunday church.

Cheslea Royal Hospital Chapel, London


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