Begorrathon – March, the month for the Irish

Greene's, Dublin's oldest bookstore

Greene’s, Dublin’s oldest bookstore

I saw something called Begorrathon, via Tranquil Dreams’ blog. They’re running a theme month for March, the month of St. Patrick’s Day for any bloggers to join in posting anything and all to do with Ireland. It can be books, movies, recipes, travels (yay!), and any aspect of Irish culture, really. There’s a Facebook page, as well. The rules are to post the badge in your blog sidebar, which I’ve done, and then any time you post something related to the topic, let them know. (You can see the posting rules on the blog link above, should you want to join in or just follow and read.)

So yes. I think I shall. I’ve already done a “Traveling through the movies” on Ireland (Leap Year) so I’ll send them that link come March.¬† I have been to Ireland twice, once on a weekend in Cobh and Dublin and one other time on a bus tour. I think i’ll dig out my old travelogue and post it in parts, uploading it throughout the month. I’ve also written a few other random posts on Ireland so they’ll work in with the theme as well.

Ireland is a beautiful country and I would certainly love to return there. My future husband has only been once, just for a wedding and couple of days in Cobh but he has some good friends living on the Ring of Kerry. We’d love to go to Ireland and do a road trip around the countryside some day.

Begorrathon starts March 1 and I’ll be posting through the month. The Irish literature focus is on 746 Books, and the film, tv and other miscellania will be on Raging Fluff.

6 thoughts on “Begorrathon – March, the month for the Irish

    • Tvor says:

      Even though it’s been 13 years since my tour, I don’t imagine much has changed so it should still be fairly relateable, whether one takes a bus tour or not. Hope so, anyway

  1. Niall McArdle says:

    thanks for the shoutout for Ireland Month, and we’re looking forward to your posts. I got a little pang when i saw the photo of Greene’s, a bookshop I used to haunt all the time. Sadly, it is no more.

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