WordPress Challenge – Blur

I don’t usually keep out of focus or blurry pictures but there are circumstances where it actually adds to the photo. On WordPress’s photo challenge here, you can see an instance where it does work. For me, I like to set up a shallow depth of field focus where something close to the camera is sharp and what’s in the distance is blurred. If it’s very blurred and abstract, it’s a method called “bokeh”. I also sometimes capture motion, for instance, vehicle lights passing by at night, a train passing by or a bird’s wings. Here’s a few motion and depth of field photos:

My favourite ever was an attempt at taking a photo of people walking across an intersection (taken from an overhead walkway).

De feet.

Another favourite. London Zoo. You can see the zebras in the back.

In the London Underground. I pressed the shutter an instant before the train pulled in so caught the people on the other platform.

And finally, taken while waiting for a bus in London

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