Weekly Photo Challenge – On The Way

The WordPress Daily Post weekly challenge is “On the way”. I don’t take photos out of airplane windows but I do often take them from the car. Sometimes, there’s a lucky shot like this one below. We were driving through Salford (UK) and were stopped at a traffic light and the heavy equipment locked up in a compound across from us struck me like they were all raising a drink to toast something or someone. I managed to get the shot before the light changed.


Five photos / Five Days – Serenade

BWParisSingersAt the end of a long day walking around Paris, we went to the Metro hoping there might be a train. You would normally expect there would be one but during the three days we spent in this beautiful city, the transit workers were on strike. Where I come from, that means no hope in hell of any transport but in Paris, they were still running but it was unreliable. The drivers weren’t charging fare, so that was a plus but you never knew for sure when the bus or Metro was going to come, if at all. We waited, were assured by someone that could make out the PA system that there was a train, just the one, going back and forth so it would show up. My feet were too tired to walk so we waited.

While we were waiting we were serenaded by these two young men who were playing Beatles’ tunes! They weren’t great, but they weren’t bad and they had lots of spirit, possibly some of which may have been alcoholic! It made the wait go by quicker and it was a lot more fun!

I’ve taken up the Five Photos/Five Days Black and White Challenge and one of the “rules” is to nominate someone to take up the challenge as well. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated and since I’ve nominated two already, that’s it on that account. Feel free to take up the challenge if you like!