WordPress weekly challenge – Vivid

The Daily Post issues a photo challenge every week with a word. Vivid is this week’s theme and I’ve decided to focus on stained glass. The main places you see it is in churches and cathedrals (following on from the last post about architecture) but you sometimes find it elsewhere too. The colours used in stained glass are always very bright and vivid so that when the sun shines through they glow and cast colourful reflections.

St Jean de Montmartre, Paris

St. Jean de Montmartre, Paris

from the church in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Quebec City

In a pub in Manchester, Moon Under Water. The building used to be a theatre and then cinema and there are still little details like this Art Deco window




9 thoughts on “WordPress weekly challenge – Vivid

  1. Kan says:

    Gorgeous pics! Great pick for the challenge. I love photographing stained glass windows too…. but mine are nowhere as good as yours.

  2. Cris says:

    i’ve always loved stained glass windows and you have captured them very nicely. Very good work. And thanks for stopping by and liking my Photo Challenge. :)

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