The world’s our lobster

Mount Fuji, Japan and the springtime cherry blossoms

Mount Fuji, Japan and the springtime cherry blossoms

I know I’ve not been travel blogging a lot lately. It’s mainly been the photo challenges though the photos are nearly always from my travels at least. The main reason is that I haven’t been planning a trip so I’m not really in “the zone”. There is a visit to the UK coming up in September but we aren’t planning any other travel aside from some day trips, possibly an overnight somewhere, I don’t know yet. Destinations that have been mentioned include Blackpool and Liverpool. It’ll be nice in September so the countryside will be very pretty. Makes for nice days out.

In the meantime, I booked my ticket the other day at FlightCentre, a Canadian no-frills travel agency which good staff and good prices. Yes, that’s a plug for them. I’ve been quite happy using their services over the last couple of years. I could book online but sometimes I can’t get the flights I want or I have a few things to book and it’s worth letting an agent have a go at it all and you’re paying for it all in one place.

Today, two days after I booked, I got a promotional email, which is fairly typical isn’t it? Never mind. The content was about a contest they’re running for their 20th anniversary. You can fill out a quiz to enter to win $10,000 CAD credit at FlightCentre. Nice! The quiz results generate a few suggestions of where they think I should travel next depending on my choices. Ok. Let’s see what they can come up with.

Many of the choices weren’t applicable but I picked the closest one and lo and behold, the results actually surprised me. One was New York City. We have been there once and have said it would be a good place to go back to. We didn’t even scratch the surface! The second was Japan. My husband would dearly love to go to Japan and it would be a very interesting destination. The third vacation spot they offered up was Hawaii. That again surprised me. None of the choices in the quiz that I picked really had anything to do with beaches or tropical related places but heres’ the thing; we’re planning our belated honeymoon sometime next year for a visit to the west coast of Canada and a trip to Oahu, Hawaii! How did they know!? That’s a pretty cool coincidence.

The quiz is here if you want to have a go but I think it’s only applicable to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec). The other small print is that it is indeed a credit to be used at the travel agency and if you don’t use the whole of it, you lose the remainder. You have to book it all at once. So let’s see, two tickets to Vancouver, two tickets to Hawaii, a *nice* hotel on the beach, a rental car, another good hotel downtown Vancouver for part of our visit (also going to Vancouver Island to visit family and friends), another rental car there.  If you can book hotels that are not our usual semi-budget versions, that can really add up and all of it will put a decent dent into it and if flying business class doesn’t put us over the top of the credit, we can do that, as well!

If we really want to go crazy, let’s get ourselves to Vancouver, see our friends and family, fly to Japan for at least a week, stopping over in Hawaii on the way home for a few days! That would work, too! Go big or go home, right?

Dreaming costs nothing!