Travel Theme: Toys

Where’s My Backpack is looking for photos of toys this week.

My first two photos were taken at the Arnhem Open Air museum in the Netherlands. It’s a lovely outdoor museum comprised of buildings brought there from all over the country from various historical eras, – cottages, a dairy, a brewery, a general store, a chapel, a barn where they’re building boats, several windmills, too.  They have lots of interesting items in the buildings, shops are set up like old shops might have been and the staff all dress in period costume. They have an antique tram car that circles the park so you don’t have to walk quite so far. Another building is filled with collections, one of which is a collection of volumes of Pinnochio. That’s where the first photo was taken. The second photo is one of the buildings in the village setting where I spied a couple of dolls in an upstairs window.


In the bakery window

This last photo of the nutcrackers was taken in Manchester at the Christmas markets.

Nutcracker, sweet!

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