Traveling through the Movies – A Monster in Paris

monsterTraveling through the Movies is an series of occasional posts wherein I talk about movies that I’ve seen with wonderful location shots, scenery that makes you want to travel to that location.

This latest movie is a bit different than the usual travel type movie. This one will take you to Paris but a Paris that is idealized, stylized and animated. Yep. A Monster in Paris is an animated movie.

The movie takes place in Paris 1910. A young film projectionist, Emile, and an arrogant inventor, Raoul, cause havoc in the laboratory of an absent scientist and a seven foot monster is created as a result. The monster, which turns out to be a giant flea, falls in love with a lovely young chanteuse, Lucille, who sings in the “Oiseau Rare” (The Rare Bird).
The “monster” is sympathetic. He didn’t ask for what happened to him and hates that everyone is afraid of him. Lucille takes pity on him and befriends him, helps to disguise him into an almost-pseudo Phantom of the Opera like get up so her friends can save him from the murderous Commissioner. There’s an underlying love story, too. Raoul and Lucille, who bicker and seem to be at odds are pretty much ensure that they will end up together. Emile and Maude who works near his cinema house are shyly awkward but you know they’ll find a way to work it out as well. It’s a bit of a mystery how the 7 foot tall flea turns out to be a guitar virtuoso and composer who also has an excellent singing voice and the ability to perform a very pretty two step, and some of the story is a bit far fetched even for an animated film but it’s fun to watch anyway.






It’s a good romp through the streets and skies of Paris. The artwork that creates the Paris of 1910 is exquisite. It’s delicate, misty, filled with little details. It looks like a storybook.



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