WPC: Creepy

The WordPress weekly challenge asks us to show something creepy.

The first time I traveled somewhere that affected me was the battlefield of Cullodden in Scotland. I passed through the visitor centre and out on to the area where the great battle between the Highland Scots and the English armies clashed on April 16, 1746. The Scottish were decimated. Many were buried on the fields in mass graves by clans. You can still see the risings in the earth and clan markers for some of them. There’s also a spot called the Well of the Dead, a spring in the earth where a particularly fierce charge through the English line of defence ended with the death of Alexander MacGillivray on this spot. This is a marker to his bravery. While walking around through the paths and looking out on the area, though it likely looks far different now than it did back then, and there’s a road cutting right through the middle of it, you can still feel something, maybe the spirits of the dead, maybe lingering cries of the dying as the wind whispers through the trees.

The Well of the Dead. Culloden, Scotland

Another recent creepy thing that we saw was this death mask in the Tower of London, something that an executioner wore.

Executioner’s mask, Tower of London

10 thoughts on “WPC: Creepy

  1. Don Little says:

    A friend who is from there just went back for a visit. He said exactly the same thing about the feeling he had at Culloden.

  2. Rich says:

    Culloden wasn’t a battle between Scots and English – it was a battle between Scots/English/Welsh/French & Irish on the Jacobite side and Scots/English/Welsh/Irish/Hessian/Hanoverian on the British government side –
    it was very much a civil war.

    (and the only time British executioners ever wore a mask was when Charles I was executed – and it wasn’t this one which is merely a curio) – sorry

    but Drummosie Moor is really creepy (Culloden Battlefield)

    • Tvor says:

      I don’t think the information card said where the executioner was from that wore that mask. I just assumed one from the Tower did but it could have been from anywhere as there were artifacts from lots of locations in the Tower Armoury. Whether it was actually used or not, it’s still a creepy thought!

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