Images of Amsterdam (Mesh)

I’m trying out a new site that lets you create slideshows and embed them in a blog or post them to Facebook etc. It’s called Mesh. Seems ok though the photos are only square so you may lose detail on the outer edges of the pic. I think it’s still a work in progress as people use it and pass on feedback. You can apparently do it from your phone as well, but only IOS, not on Android yet.

Here’s one I tried to see what it does, Images of Amsterdam.

Tutorial here. 

Microsoft also has a new app called Sway. It popped in a few weeks ago when I logged into Hotmail. ( When access your MS account, you get Office products online which is handy, a cloud drive, One Note and now Sway. Sway uses set templates so you can add photos, videos, and text.

This is one I did using photos from the Queen concert in Montreal last year.

2 thoughts on “Images of Amsterdam (Mesh)

  1. Heyjude says:

    I have no complaints with your images, but I am not keen on the way the captions display in Mesh as you can hardly read them. I don’t know how much choice you have in creating them, but it might be something to refer back to the developers. As I don’t have an iPhone, and never will have, it’s not something I will use.Everything these days seems to be geared to the use of smartphones :-/

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