Travel Theme: Intense

Where’s My Backpack has a weekly travel challenge, this week’s is Intense.

The first photo was taken, not on my travels, but here in Halifax where we used to have annual Highland Games. You could find this in many places that hold the games, however, including their home country of Scotland. This fellow is about to throw a very long wooden pole called a caber. It’s got to flip on its end and flip over, in a straight line from the person throwing it, not veering off to one side.

Intense concentration

Playing a five-masted guitar in one go has got to be intense rock and roll! Rick Nielson of the band Cheap Trick.

Rick Nielson, Cheap Trick

Muppets are usually pretty laid back but the most intense Muppet has to be Animal, the drummer of the house band on The Muppet Show.

Animal, from the Muppet Show