WordPress Challenge: Trio

Good things come in threes. Bad things happen in threes. Three times lucky;  three strikes, you’re out.  You can’t win! One of the “rules” of photography is to use the “rule of thirds”, to divide your viewpoint into a grid of 3×3 and compose the photo that way.  Three Musketeers. Huey, Dewy and Louie. Three coins in the fountain. The number three certainly seems prevalent in life. WordPress’s weekly challenge this week is Trio.

Three boats at low tide in Lindisfarne harbour.

Three stained glass windows in St. Mary’s, Lindisfarne

Trois portes rouges, Eglise St. Bernard, Church Point, Nova Scotia (Nouvelle Ecosse)

Seen at a garden shop in Richmond, UK

Me and my besties.

Me and my besties.