Travel Theme: Camaraderie

Where’s My Backpack’s weekly Travel challengs is Camaraderie. When I travel, I often meet up with friends and/or family wherever I go. I’ve met a good number of wonderful people via Coronation Street online groups and even met a man that I married through those connections. I’m lucky to have a family that all gets along and has good times when we get together. Camaraderie between friends and family is a wonderful thing. You can also see it among people that can be perfect strangers but who have something in common. Fellow travellers can meet and  strike up a camaraderie on a train, in a hostel, in a cafe or pub.  Fellow fans of the same sports team, for instance, gathered together to watch a game, cheer on and talk about their favourites. If you’ve ever gone to a fan convention of any kind, you will see strangers linked together by a common interest as well. But even non-humans can form a bond, as you will see below.

Watching the Parade of Sail (Tall Ships) together.

Friends. Regent Park, London

Do you see what I see? London Zoo

Camel chat. London Zoo

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