Fountain series June

Here’s a new challenge I discovered, with a different theme each month, and I believe all are to do with fountains. June’s theme is unusual details or unusual fountains. You can find fountains in most places, small and large. fountains can commemorate, they can be decorative, they can be very artistic, whether classical or modern. I’ve taken pictures of lots of fountains in places I’ve visited though most wouldn’t be classified as unusual.

In Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, UK, The gardens has an area called the Serpentine where trimmed hedges lead you through a series of fountains whose mechanics are based on physics. Here are a few of those fountains.

Alnwick Gardens Fountain

Alnwick Castle Gardens fountain

Alnwick Castle Gardens fountain

Alnwich Castle Garden fountain - works on centrifugal force. It drains slowly and then fills up again.

Alnwick Castle Garden fountain – works on centrifugal force. It drains slowly and then fills up again.

And a couple more:

Place des Arts Fountain

Place des Arts, Montreal

Victorian Jubilee fountain

The Victorian era Jubillee Fountain, Halifax Public Gardens, Nova Scotia

3 thoughts on “Fountain series June

  1. polianthus says:


    Dear Tvor – welcome to the fountain challenge. So much truth in the St Augustines world-view. It is amazing when you consider he was born 354 AD and traveling was a little different then. Sadly it is possible to travel nowadays but to avoid reading other pages.

    Thanks very much for joining in, and for sharing these exceptional photos, educational fountains, brilliant! Going on my bucket list.

    Have a great weekend Poli

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