Daily Prompt: City

Covent Neils Yard 2014

Neil’s Yard, London

WordPress Daily Prompt hands out a word every day for inspiration for bloggers to write a post. I don’t often participate, preferring the weekly photo challenge but City, for a travel blogger, is right up my alley.

Most of the places I visit are in cities. Arriving by air or train, finding a hotel and spending my visit seeing what the city has to offer is the way I roll when spending time in a city. Cities have so much to offer just about everyone. My particular favourites are art galleries and museums and I love to check out the architecture, especially in older quarters. In addition, I have on occasion traveled alone and I generally feel comfortable in a city on my own.

I’m certainly not as widely traveled as a lot of people, but I have had the opportunity to get about a little bit within my own beautiful country of Canada, a few stops in the U.S.A. and a few places in Europe including the United Kingdom most of all. My favourite Canadian cities so far (aside from my own beloved hometown, Halifax) ┬áinclude Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City and St. John’s. ┬áNew York City and Boston are very appealing though I haven’t really spent a lot of time in either, something I hope to amend in the future. London of course, my favourite, and I’ve been to Manchester a lot of times, too, and like it quite a lot. Other U.K. favourites include Glasgow and York. Other favourite cities include Dublin, Paris, Florence, Brugges and Copenhagen.

Canal in Copenhagen

Canal in Copenhagen

As far as places I’d put on the “To Go” list, places I haven’t been yet…that list includes Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore and Osaka among others. I suppose I will never have all the financial resources to go everywhere I’d like to! Our next trip isn’t going to be to any of those mentioned. We are hoping to go to Honolulu and another trip we fancy is to Washington, D.C. and who knows? Either or both of those could be a new favourite, too.

While I do enjoy getting out of a city and seeing the countryside, it generally means you need some form of transportation. Mind you, road trips, by definition, are usually not city destinations, not for us. Road trips are for countryside, towns and villages, scenic views and we like them, too.