Travel Theme: Sport

A weekly challenge at Where’s My Backpack. This week’s word is Sport, not something I tend to frequent either at home and almost never when I travel. There was one exception, however, when we visited Montreal a few year ago. I used to follow the NHL (hockey) when I was younger and Montreal’s Canadiens were “my” team.

I’ve never seen a professional game and when I discovered the “Habs” were playing a home game while we were there, I really wanted to go. I managed to get tickets. Yes, I confess, I got them off eBay which goes against my code of conduct and better judgement.  I only paid slightly more than the face value, though, so I justified it by telling myself I wasn’t paying horribly high scalper prices and there were no tickets left through the official website when I tried.

So, yes, we duly showed up at the Bell Centre. The seats weren’t too bad, not up too high or stuck in a corner. The team lost the game and my husband had no idea what was going on since he’s not a follower of sports and hockey really isn’t very popular in the U.K. where he lived but he was willing to go since I wanted to see the game. We compromised. He came to the game and I was supposed to go to a Slayer concert with him only the concert was cancelled so I think I still owe him one. (We did see a metal concert the next year and I maintain that, though it wasn’t Slayer, I completed my side of the bargain!)

Here then, are a couple of photos from the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Atlanta Thrashers which are no longer playing out of Atlanta, I don’t think.


Flags from the championship days when I used to follow the team

Centre Ice Faceoff

Faceoff. The game begins

Les Canadiens vs Atlanta Thrashers

Montreal is in red, unusual as that’s the “away” colour but it was the team’s anniversary and they were wearing a replica of one of the older uniforms



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