WPC: Waiting

The WordPress challenge this week is Waiting, something we all seem to do a lot of. Waiting for the bus, waiting in lineups, waiting for the movie to start, waiting for your meal to come to the table, waiting in the airport or the train station, (oh boy, I’ve done a lot of that!) and waiting for other people. (I’m always on time, why can’t everyone be? Yes, yes, I know. Circumstances vary). Here are a few examples of “waiting” from the photo archives.

Bus stop in the middle of the Lake District

Waiting for the bus. The Lake District, England.


Waiting in Heathrow airport

Blackpool Carraige

Waiting for customers. Blackpool Promenade, England

Blackpool Donkeys Tram

Waiting for the Tram. Also in Blackpool.


Just….waiting. Trentham Monkey sanctuary, Trentham, England

4 thoughts on “WPC: Waiting

  1. Anita says:

    Nice pictures that fits the theme very well. But I must admit I feel a bit sorry when I see the monkey, waiting for the natural environment he/she should live in, which may never come.

    • Tvor says:

      The macaque monkeys are an endangered species and were being hunted for an illegal pet trade. They are raised in an open wooded park similar to their native habitat. They can go where they like. Visitors can watch but not interact with them and the staff feed them and look after them. The long term goal of these parks is to raise them and release them into their natural habitat in the mountains of Morocco and they have been fairly successful at that.

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