Word of the week photograph challenge – Wood

This week’s photo challenge from A Word In your Ear

Wood – shiny, smooth, raw, carved, sculpted, polished, burned. Wood is used for so many things in our lives from shelter to furniture to decoration. Wood on the fire keeps us warm and safe and that fire can keep us fed.  Wood comes from trees and trees live and give life and shelter life.

Many years and more lives than a cat.

Birch bark canoe Port Royal, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

A door in John Ryland Library, Manchester, UK

Wood can be used to make instruments that bring us music of all kinds.

Didgeridoos, guitars, (and there are bongo drums just below the photo edge)

Man and Caber Highland Games, Nova Scotia


Wooden shoe and wooden tulips, symbols of The Netherlands

And finally, this piece of old charred wood was found in excavations in London near London Bridge. They have dated it back to Roman times, circa 50 A.D., probably a post from an old dock or pier. It was discovered in 1981 and this piece can be found in the courtyard behind St. Magnus Martyr in London, near London Bridge where the original bridge (or the one that stood the longest)  across the Thames stood.

Roman post