WordPress Challenge – “Split Second”

WordPress’s weekly challenge is titled “Split Second”. Show a picture that tells a story in the one frame. Candid shots and street photography are often good for that. Here’s a few of my favourites, some I have used before in other challenges.

New York Public Library.

Shopped til they dropped


Age has nothing to do with how much you love to dance. Joe Murphy’s Blues Band on stage

Feed the birds, Tuppence a day. Green Park, London

Lost Mittens. He looked a bit lost himself.

23 thoughts on “WordPress Challenge – “Split Second”

  1. suyashchopra says:

    Amazing photos. What a visual description you have presented in this post. Just loved it. Do visit my blogs and photos and let me know how do you feel. Thanks :)

  2. Argus says:

    You’ve caught the moment, often. Pick a winner? Can’t be done, but if forced I’d choose the two ladies outside with the two guys inside, and the reading a book one, and the pigeons, and …

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